A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

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Cart Crawlers is a TF2 themed rougelite with nuclear throne style gameplay. Push the cart through several levels with randomly generated layouts and drops to defeat the man behind the machines. 

If you scored in the top 20 your name will appear in the leaderboards! 

Install instructions

Extract the downloaded zip and double click the CartCrawlers_4.exe

If you are on a laptop with both Nvidia and Intel graphics, you may need to right click on it first and set the graphics card to Intel.

If on doubleclicking the game doesn't work on linux, try this.

download the program and open your terminal then enter these commands:
cd ~/Downloads/
tar -xzf CartCrawlers*.tar.gz CartCrawlers/
cd CartCrawlers/(edited)
chmod +x CartCrawlers*.x86_64
and run the program with ./CartCrawlers_*.x86_64
that should work on any version of linux
If you don't already have these packages you may need them.
libasyncns0 libbsd0 libcap2 libflac8 libgcrypt20 libgpg-error0 liblz4-1 
liblzma5 libsndfile1 libsystemd0 libuuid1 libvorbisenc2 libwrap0

For more help hit up the support channel on our discord. (link above)


CartCrawlers_0703_LNX.zip 115 MB
CartCrawlers_0703_WIN.zip 168 MB

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