A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Rocket Theater is a 2D stunt game where you use rockets to jump around the map doing tricks. Combine multiple tricks together to form massive combos and destroy the global leader-boards.

This is the Rehearsal Edition, which is essentially a free, glorified demo. We plan on adding some content to the Rehearsal Edition, but be on the lookout for future updates where we plan to hit Kickstarter and Steam in the coming months.

Planned content:

  • Many more unique characters with their own art, small backstory, abilities, and even combo scoring mechanics. Think like MOBA characters meet fast paced rocket jumping performances.
  • More maps, each with their own special mechanic that earns score bonuses (inspiration from Heroes of the Storm maps)
    • NOTE: Techno Tundra special mechanic coming soon!
  • A full fledged campaign (dialog cutscenes coming eventually)
    • As new content rolls out, we will be releasing the content in delicious Episode-based chunks. They will all be included in the full game as a service.
  • More "Super Tricks", some of which already available. Appeal to specific groups of fans in the audience to make their numbers grow, and with enough fans of a certain color, unlock super tricks that act as small mini-games or extra abilities. You lose your audience at the end of a combo, so be sure to maintain yourself well if you want to earn the power of a true Acrobat! Each new character we add will have a specific flavor combination of the different audience colors:
    • Green - Explosives
    • Red - Precision
    • Blue - Acrobatics
    • Purple - Utility
    • Orange - Building (in development)
  • Maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe a level editor to make your own maps, that will be downloadable through a third party source like steam workshop, that allows for extended territory for the online leader-boards. (very far away in development currently)

Anyone is free to upload user-made content of our game involving videos, screenshots, live-streams, and other forms of media.

We hope you enjoy the action packed adventures on Planet Parkour!

Aloe Vertex Studio

Producer, Programmer, and Audio: Ian Feldschneider - @ChromeWingDev

Artist, Level Designer, Marketing: Lawrence Granroth - @huttyblue

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rocket-theater-rehearsal-osx.zip (353 MB)
rocket-theater-rehearsal-linux.zip (353 MB)
rocket-theater-rehearsal-win.zip (350 MB)

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