Rocket Theater Update 1.0.2

Update! : Our first weekly update to Rocket Theater is now LIVE.

Rocket Theater Alpha 1.0.2 includes a couple new features.

Firstly, the main menu has been overhauled to be as sexy as feasibly possible. The background has been blurred to prevent the screen from becoming too noisy. We also reorganized the buttons into a vertical list and flattened the logo. Overall, its much cleaner that it was previously.

Secondly, we got a great deal of feedback (mostly from play-testers on reddit) in regards to the tutorial and how it was terrible. We took that feedback from heart and rebuild the tutorial from the ground up. It now is briefer, prettier, and includes little animated screens that demonstrate the moves. Overall we hope this will provide a much improved experience for new players and the percentage of players who quit on the tutorial won't be so embarrassingly high.

Thirdly, for any previous players here, the Techno Tundra map has been revamped. The layout has been modified significantly providing a better flow. Although currently it is a little sparse on the detailing, we plan to work on that in the next update.

Lastly we added some visual effects to the audience tracker so you can better see how what your are doing lines up with the audience members you are attracting.

We will continue to publish updates to Rocket Theater with maps, characters, and content during the alpha stages of development. All alpha updates are free and we release every Thursday.

Stay tuned and have fun.
- Rocket Theater Team

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Version 1.0.2 May 18, 2017

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This game looks really promising, downloading it now, can't wait to try it